Is a creative design studio run by Mónica Juvera based in Barcelona. Loope explores geometry to find unique answers to new questions. Their inspiration comes from geometry, art, architecture, and the study of systems and structures. All converge in a determination of finding new ways of thinking useful objects, from their manufacture until used by people. Connecting skilled craftsmen from italy and spain to develop surprising products.

MÓNICA JUVERA is an enthusiast of design in all scales, from landscape to everyday object, from a building to a bag. She studied Architecture in México and a master degree on Landscape Architecture in Barcelona. 

THEONEPIECEBAG is simple and complex at once. It was thought to avoid a puzzle construction of the bag, proposing a smart system of closure and assembly. With that on mind, we developed two patents using geometry as main tool to get the solution. The collection is formed by 4 sizes, all of them using a rectangular piece of leather with one zipper. Each one comes inside a rigid box that protects the folded bag when stored.